Why Digital Marketing?

There is a proverb in Hindi, “Jo dikhta hai wahi bikta hai” which means that everything that impresses people at first sight is sold easily.  And of course this is the main key of marketing by showing your product or service to your customers.  Gone are the days when marketing was thought as selling door to door. Now is the era of Digital Marketing. But why digital marketing has got so much importance?  What is there in digital marketing that from small to large businesses in the world are going for digital marketing? Let’s look at its definition and its advantages.


Digital Marketing is nothing but marketing your product or service through digital channels like Internet, Mobile phones, tabs, digital displays, etc. As today’s world is online world, making online visibility and maintaining it has become real challenge. There are various reasons why digital marketing is the best marketing method in today’s era. The main reason is it has tremendous benefits for the business growth and that too in cost effective ways.

The main benefits are shown in below diagram:

Why Digital Marketing
Benefits of Digital Marketing

Time & Effort Saving

So, as shown in the above diagram, Digital Marketing saves your time and effort considerably. For example imagine how much efforts and time would have been spent in selling products by going door to door and maintaining the data of sales manually in a register. Now it has become a matter of seconds. You can reach huge amount of target audience in just one click. That is the very first advantage of digital marketing.


You can ensure that your product or service reaches the right prospect customers. In digital marketing you have that flexibility of choosing the right target customers.

Real Time Analysis:

You can analyze the live data at real time and can decide the strategy on the basis of that.

Instant Feedback:

You can actually interact with the customers and get their instant feedback through Internet. So you don’t have to wait for the survey to complete.


Digital Marketing has been very cost effective as compared to traditional marketing efforts.


The digital marketing has main focus on effective  and creative content through video, images, email, social media that will impress the customer and get conversion with higher ROI.

Hence the larger benefit at lowest cost is the reason why digital marketing has captured today’s market.

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Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is way more advantageous than the traditional marketing as it reaches mass audience online and Internet Marketing cost is also low as compared to traditional marketing.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Following are the top benefits of Digital marketing:-


    With the help of google analytics one can analyse demographics, geographic, technological aspects and behaviour of the customers. by analysing the data a Digital Marketer can get to know whom to target.

  2. ONLINE MARKETING makes Global Reach Easy:

    Due to internet available globally, Digital Marketing is has stretched beyond its horizon thus attracting more customer base.

  3.  Digital marketing CAMPAIGNS ARE MEASURABLE:

    Online Campaigns are measurable due to google analytics. Thus performance of the campaigns are determinable.

  4. Digital Marketing is Cost Effective:

    Internet Marketing cost is lower than the traditional ways of Marketing like television, and radio etc.

  5. Fast Conversion Rate Possible Due to Online Presence :  

    With just a click,chances of  the customers to buy a product due to your digital marketing activities are much faster as compared to the traditional media like going to shop.

  6. ONLINE Marketing is Cost Effective for Small Business: 

    As compared to traditional ways of marketing, Campaigns on Internet are cheaper, thus marketing via digital ways are beneficial for small businesses.

  7. Customer loyalty maintained due to Digital Presence:-

Due to presence on social networks and handling it professionally, relationship with customer is maintainable.  Ability to quickly response to customer queries can improve a firm’s reputation.

8 essential skills all digital marketing hires must have


  1. Paid social media advertising expertise. …
  2. Sales skills. …
  3. Specific marketing channel expertise. …
  4. The ability to think objectively. …
  5. The ability to execute and analyze drip marketing campaigns. …
  6. A mix of creativity and analytical abilities. …
  7. Good copy and visual storytelling abilities. …
  8. A likable personality.